The saying that “we are living in a material world” is more true now than ever. Indeed, many of us are drowning in stuff. From backpacks and tablets to keys and baby gear, the list of things we carry around with us in our daily lives is a lengthy one. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to lose many of these things as it is to acquire them.

But what if we told you there was a way to stop leaving your stuff behind, and save money in the process? You’ve come to the right place — our problem-solving reminder app Don’t Leave It! can help! Here’s a closer look at the high cost of lost stuff, along with how our location-based reminder app can help you come out ahead.

Breaking Down the Cost of Lost Stuff

According to one report, the average person loses at least one item a year (1.24 items, to be exact) with an average replacement cost of more than $200. Multiplied across the US adult population of more than 242.4 million people and the total annual cost of lost items comes to more than $6 billion. Even worse? The vast majority of these lost belongings are never recovered.

Now factor in that in our digital age, the majority of people have lost or left behind data storage devices containing personal data (which leaves them even more vulnerable if they eventually end up in the wrong hands), and the potential toll of lost stuff becomes even more momentous.

And while the temptation can be strong to write off lost items to theft, the truth is that more than 80 percent of lost belongings is attributed to individual forgetfulness or distraction, not crime. This is one of the reasons why lost items spike during peak hours and in concentrated areas: the busier you and your surrounding environment are, the more likely you are to lose an item, and incur the associated replacement costs.

The Don’t Leave It! Solution

A reminder app based on location and proximity to your stuff, Don’t Leave It! changes the game in the crowded field of reminder apps. Designed to acknowledge how — not when — people move about their daily lives, Don’t Leave It! alerts you when you’ve walked or moved more than a pre-determined distance away from your things. In other words, while other reminder apps focus on “when” and hold you to a rigid and often inaccurate timeline, Don’t Leave It! is focused on “where” and is flexible, relevant and responsive.

Don’t Leave It! does more than prevent you from losing your stuff, it’s also a valuable tool for  proactive planning and peace of mind. Worried about remembering to bring your laptop or plane tickets to a big meeting or early morning flight? Don’t Leave It! is your new best friend. Just set a quick proximity-based reminder and our app reminds you when you leave your home.

Of course, holding onto your belongings is about more than money. Having been there ourselves, we know how upsetting, frustrating, stressful and even scary losing something important can be. Which is why we created our proximity-based reminder app, Don’t Leave It! The best part? It’s free. Which begs the question: isn’t it time you stopped worrying about losing money on lost stuff? Download the app that reminds you. Use Don’t Leave It! and stop forgetting to bring it with you!

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