We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a credit card at the corner bar or plane tickets on the kitchen counter, leaving something behind in our fast-paced, go-go-go society can immediately bring things to a screeching halt.

But it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to our new reminder app designed to accommodate how we really live today. It’s called Don’t Leave It!, and it might just change your life.

A New Kind of Reminder App

Most reminder apps take one critical thing for granted: That a desired event or action is going to take place at a predetermined time. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always move according to a precise schedule. In fact, whether you’re ducking out from the library for a much-needed caffeine fix or rushing to beat the rain home after a lunch date, decisions are often made on-the-fly, which too often results in important items begins left behind.

Which is what makes Don’t Leave It! so useful. Rather than responding to an arbitrary time, this innovative free app responds to a particular place instead. More specifically, it responds to the geographic distance between you and your belongings with one simple result: keeping everything you need within your reach.

How It Works

Unlike conventional time-based reminder apps, Don’t Leave It! is a location-based reminder app for iPhone. This unique approach harnesses the power of GPS and pedometer to create a geo-perimeter around your personal items. Venture outside this geo-perimeter and you’ll automatically receive an alert.

The best part? It couldn’t be easier to use. Just select an item you don’t want to leave without (for example, your jacket); set how far you can walk away from it (for example, 60 steps); and voila! – you’ll be reminded when you step beyond this zone, so you don’t leave empty-handed.

Not only does Don’t Leave It! offer unprecedented peace of mind, but it also saves time and money on retrieving and replacing lost items. No service? No worries. Don’t Leave It! will still work – even if you end up in a dead zone without access to data or GPS – because it uses reliable pedometer data as a fallback. And it even comes pre-programmed with 80 commonly forgotten items!

The concept of a reminder app based on location may sound like a simple one, but it’s a game-changer in a crowded field of reminder apps which fall short by relying on the variable “when” rather than the concrete “where.” In other words, the next time you set a reminder on your device, you can do so with the confidence of knowing it will deliver — not when you need it, but where you need it instead.

From car keys, clutches and chargers to scarves, strollers and school IDs, you’ve got a lot to keep track of. So why not let Don’t Leave It! keep track of it all for you?

Download the Don't Leave It! reminder app on the App Store